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Monday News and Notes

So we turn the page on the Washington game and focus on Stanford. I'm sure Pete Carroll has had this date circled on the calendar ever since Jim Harbaugh opened his big mouth. When you couple that with USC less than stellar performance on Saturday along with playing at home it could be a long day of tree cutting at The Coliseum.

  • There are obviously a lot of questions about what happened in seattle on Saturday night, but there are no explanations forth coming. I'm not an explanation really matters at this point as I don't think they will play that bad again.

  • Chauncey Washington

  • Pete Carroll thought that SC's performance was horrid. Kind of hard to argue with him.Regardless, PC still has faith in this team, and that really shouldn't surprise anyone.

  • Bruce Feldman has the Coliseum ranked #4 as one of the scariest venues to play in. He has LSU's Tiger Stadium as #1 but I am more impressed with the Swamp!

  • As expected USC dropped to #2 in the AP poll. I'm sure half these guys didn't even watch the game and they probably didn't watch the LSU game either. I will have more on that when I submit my final BlogPoll Ballot tomorrow.

  • Les Miles is playing it coy by NOT voting LSU #1 in the latest coaches poll. He is playing it politically correct and laying low.

  • WeAreSC has their postgame review of the Washington Game. I've said my piece and I am pretty much on the same page as they are. It was ugly yes, but a win is a win.

  • This is sort of football related but USC like other programs I'm sure looks to have beat the nasty bacteria MRSA. I know this bug well as hospitals are constantly battling its existence. This is a bad bug especially in orthopedics and bacteriologists are always looking for new ways to combat this bug. This is a big deal, kudos to SC for combating it!

  • USC's game against Arizonafinally has a start time: 12:30pm. This a rare afternoon home start for the Trojans this season. The game will be televised regionally on ABC.