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Chow to Arizona Cardinals?

The AP is reporting that Norm Chow is in the mix for prospective head coaches for the Arizona Cardinals.

Apparently Chow is making no secret of his interest in working with Matt Leinart again:

"Obviously I have a real fondness for Matt," Chow said after his interview. "We were together for all three years that I was at USC. He's a very unique young man. I think he's a very special young man, and in time he's going to be a premier quarterback in the National Football League."

Evidently Chow's taking the view that this is now-or-never if he wants to be a Head Coach:

"I've never sat around aspiring to be one," Chow said. "I was taught a long time ago there are two kinds of assistant coaches, those that aspire to be head coaches and those that are just content to do what they're doing. There's a need for both. One's not any better than the other. There's nothing wrong with either one."

But with all the offensive talent at the skill positions, Arizona presents a special opportunity, he said.

"I've chosen to just work as hard as I could in the situations we were given," Chow said. "However, this opportunity presents itself to at least have a chance to be a head coach, and it's an exciting one and it's something I would really look forward to."

Nice to see a story about an NFL team's coaching vacancy that doesn't cause a little of the old pucker factor.