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So Maybe I Jumped the Gun

I have found that writing a blog has a lot of the same issues that the MSM must face, originality, coming up with witty and thoughtful commentary and being the first one out with a story. Of course with this being a hobby, as we all have real jobs, it is easy to miss out or comment late on stories only to have to lead up the rear such as with the OJ Mayo situation.

I tried to get out in front of the controversy of his ejection last week only to find out that maybe all was not as it seemed, or as my friend the Displaced Trojan stated "Not So Fast My Friend." Turns out that maybe he didn't do all that some have tried to state as fact, me included. Reality has shown us that we will probably never know the whole story and even video can be interpreted many different ways.

So what do we know now? Mayo was cleared to play as was discussed in this diary, thanks to Defender 90.

Ain't the legal system great!

OJ Mayo's coach faxed his accounts of the game to a local news organization to get their side of the story out, Hat Tip to CC commenter AO for digging that up. Even noted Bruin Blogger Insomniacs Lounge thinks there is something amiss with the ref, though he still finds Mayo at fault, I'm cool with that, as I have said before- "Rule #1 Never touch a ref".

From the LA Times yesterday:

USC signee O.J. Mayo won a temporary restraining order today, clearing the senior point guard to play for Huntington (W.Va.) High tonight against Lakewood Artesia in a battle of nationally ranked teams at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, N.C.

Cabell County (W.Va.) Circuit Judge Dan O'Hanlon granted requests by Mayo and five other Huntington players who had been suspended in the wake of an altercation during a game Friday.

Mayo was en route to Durham this morning and was expected to play, said USC assistant coach Bob Cantu. The other suspended players had already accompanied the team on the trip.

Now I think it's a bit much to get the legal system involved but that is his right, as it is yours and mine so I will say no more. Again, who knows what the truth is. The kid can play no doubt and I still have some issues in regards to his character but I will wait a bit more before passing final judgment. I just hope that this story has a good ending.

The video below apparently tells a different story. This was sent to me from one our readers, HT Deadspin.

Every picture tells a story don't it...