Mayo gets day in court

O.J. Mayo's suspension has been put on hold after a judge granted him a restraining order until a hearing can be held 2/9. Both Mayo and 5 other players on his team have protested their suspensions from last Friday's game. Mayo was called for 2 technical fouls and then removed from the court after questionable "contact" with an official. The other players were suspended after leaving the bench area to protest the calls against Mayo. Here's part of the LA Times story:

"Mayo received two technical fouls Friday and was ejected, then followed referee Mike Lazo to the scorer's table. Video replays showed Mayo making negligible contact with the official, who then dropped to the floor.",0,1708410.story?coll=la-home-sports

Also, check out AO's reply in the "" thread to see the handwritten notes about Friday night's game supposedly written by Mayo's coach. If they're for real (and accurate), it implies the official involved had an ax to grind. Of course, it's always nice to actually wait and let the facts come out before passing judgement... so I think it's great that Mayo and the team went to the trouble to get a court to review the incident.

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