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Why Carroll Should Stay

Speculation is already starting to heat up about whether or not Pete Carroll should go to the NFL. It's easy to say that he has some unfinished business or that the Reggie Bush situation, if it explodes, could make his future at SC less than comfortable.

Like a kid in the candy store.

With Nick Saban calling it quits in Miami it would seem to some that college coaches just aren't a good fit in the pros. Now, I realize that Pete Carroll is a "pro" guy who went to the college ranks and has more than proven his worth, but his "loose" coaching style didn't work with the Jets or the Patriots but it has been a perfect fit at the D-1 level.

From the OC Register:

No amount of millions, no abundance of power, no percentage of ownership is worth giving up the mountainous riches he has compiled at USC. The NFL will wonder. Carroll would be wise not to wander.

It matters not whether the Trojans play for a banner or just a bouquet, each season seems to end in this same spot. So here we are again, just one year after Carroll signed a contract extension the details of which remain mostly undisclosed. Rest assured, however, he has clipped his last coupon.

...Comfort is possible in college, where coaches like Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno still are allowed to determine when their time is up. The NFL doesn't have comfort. The NFL has Jim Mora, who was fired after just three seasons, and Art Shell, who might be fired after just one.

You don't walk away from a job that is both comfortable and challenging, Carroll having taken this program to a place where history can happen on almost any Saturday.

You also don't surrender the sort of control he now possesses. Mike Garrett hired Carroll, but does anyone really consider Garrett to be Carroll's superior?

He's got the keys to the kingdom he has complete control and like I have heard all day he can go after numerous "#1 Draft Picks". What else is there?

This is best job out there and with all the madness in the pros why would anyone want to walk away from this type of success. I can't remember anyone having a better time doing what they are doing than Pete Carroll. His demeanor on the sidelines even when he was losing to the Bruins on Dec. 2nd was one of  intensity and a will to win. You won't find that across town.

With the team that he has coming in next year things could get real fun once the season gets started.

They certainly won't be short on talent at the position. USC will have plenty of speed with sophomores Jamere Holland, Travon Patterson and Vidal Hazelton, plus size with Patrick Turner and David Ausberry. Arkansas wide receiver Damian Williams is reportedly transferring to USC, too.

But the Trojans won't have the experience and proven play-making ability they had with Smith, Jarrett and McFoy.

"We're losing a couple guys who have been around a long time and done a lot of special stuff," Carroll said. "Depending what Dwayne does, that's going to be a critical area this spring."

Jarrett said Monday he likely won't decide about the NFL until Jan.14 or 15.

Aside from debuting wide receivers, the Trojans won't have many question marks. They will have to replace two members of the offensive line and a couple of experienced linebackers.

This is where he thrives. Everyone competes for a  starting job and that is what makes this fun. Players want to play for him and they want a chance to compete. Coach Carroll is having the time of his life and some would say that things are just getting sarted, for a second time. With the Saban thing happening today I think it's a stark reminder that the NFL is not all that is cracked up to be and that maybe Pete Carroll can do without it for a while.