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The Bush Marketing Firm: No Meat but More Fat

Is this saga juicy enough for you?

So Reggie Bush wanted to set up a sports marketing company with founders of New Era. At least that's what the New Era side wants you to think. Big Deal, first it was the possibility that some tapes exist now there's this. As usual this article rehashes the same old stories with a new twist and very little meat on the bone. Has anyone anywhere been able to prove that SC knew anything about it? As I have said before my loyalty is with USC not individual players and my stance is really no different than any other fan. The more I look at this the more ambivalent I get. I can see why Reggie isn't talking.

Former USC football star Reggie Bush was involved earlier and more deeply than previously reported in efforts to create a sports marketing agency that has been the focus of lingering controversy, according to lawyers for disgruntled partners in the failed venture.

The lawyers said it was Bush, along with his stepfather, LaMar Griffin, who proposed the agency as a way for the Heisman Trophy winner to avoid paying a percentage of his earnings to an established agent when he turned professional.

Some questions need to be answered

So what's wrong with that? Does talking about it and planning it constitute some sort of violation? He is no different than any other person leveraging his talent to make money. It would have been nice if he could have waited until his eligibility was over but that horse has left the barn. As I have said before, if Reggie is guilty of some sort infraction then he should be punished and if the University knew and looked the other way then they should also be held accountable, but up to this point there is NOTHING linking Reggie to the University in this matter other than the fact that he was a student at the school at the time the alleged infractions took place. At the end of the day that to me is all that matters.

People need to get off of their high horse and understand that these sorts of handshake deals happen all the time, not just in college sports, but also in politics and business everyday. It doesn't make it right but like it or not sometimes that's how business gets done. Sometimes they pass the smell test sometimes they don't but until some can show me evidence that SC knew something and did nothing about it then what's the big deal?

I get a kick out of all of the noise being made that Reggie is classless and all that gibberish. Who cares! He doesn't play here anymore and my interest is in USC, always has been always will be. You can fill a book with all the bad acts that have involved alums at both schools that we have never heard about. As much as people loathe him Colin Cowheard has it right: "you can take away stats, awards, trophies and plaques but you can't take away memories".  Of course I am paraphrasing what he said but you get the point. And in the end that may happen, I find it difficult to believe that the NCAA won't punish SC in some way but if they do I see it more retroactive than future.

Nothing would make me happier than not having this whole situation not happen at all but we are way beyond that. We need to ride out the storm and continue to look ahead at all of the great things to come. If something comes of it then we will deal with it then and only then, getting all worked up about a bunch of maybes and a bunch of noise doesn't get us anywhere.