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"Thong" Girl and Other Rose Bowl Photos

Last year it was a Song Girl cheering when Vince Young scored... oops. So what did we get this year from the ladies in the legendary white sweaters?

Well, one of them got a little cheeky.

We are indebted to Yost and Benny from MZone for undertaking some serious analysis; they concluded that this was a wedgie issue, more of a wardrobe malfunction than a deliberate exposure.

Turns out that there was even some Zapruder style analysis on YouTube...

Benny and Yost watched every single frame of this disgusting film -- 63 times.

Incidentally, I hope that the young lady in question is taking this in stride. I did contemplate not posting this, as the only thing worse than having several million horny guys record your ass on a DVR would be having the moment immortalized on a blog -- but frankly if 1) I was female, and 2) had an ass like that, I think I could live with it...

Anyway, some good football-related pictures to be found after the jump...

C.J. Gable put in the effort; credit to Sarkiffin for dropping what wasn't working... (John W. McDonough / Sports Illustrated)

Lo-Jack's interception (Wally Skalij / LAT)

Jarrett breaking free (Robert Gauthier / LAT)

It's that Jarrett guy again (Keith Birmingham, LA Daily News)

Cushing forces a fumble (Keith Birmingham, LA Daily News)

Smith's TD reception (Michael Owen Baker, LA Daily News)

A little love for Fred Davis (John W. McDonough / Sports Illustrated)