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It's Official-Jarrett to the NFL

It's Official-Jarrett to the NFL

No surprise here. You knew this was coming after his spectacular game in the Rose Bowl. It's time for him to go, he proven all he can. He has broken Pac 10 records won a National Championship and is a 2-time All-American. Yes his mom wanted him to stay and yes many SC fans wanted him to stay and even Pete Carroll probably wanted him to stay but it was time to go pure and simple.

The only question I will have about his future in the NFL will be his durability. The quad and shoulder injury he suffered during the season was of some concern but he finished strong and made up for a slow start.

Saying Goodbye
Ric Francis-AP

From the LA Times:

After making many a defensive back cry for mercy during his three seasons at USC, it was Dwayne Jarrett who shed tears on Wednesday.

Jarrett, USC's two-time All-American receiver, announced that he would give up his final year of eligibility and make himself available for the NFL draft...

...Jarrett will forever be known for his clutch fourth-and-nine reception at Notre Dame in 2005 and for his Rose Bowl performance less than two weeks ago when he caught 11 passes for 205 yards and two touchdowns in the Trojans 32-18 victory over Michigan.

About five minutes into his press conference, Jarrett was asked to identify the highlight of his career, during which he won two national championships and played in three Bowl Championship Series bowl games.

"The highlight was just to be with my teammates. That was the most difficult thing for me," he said as tears filled his eyes.

We all have a Jarrett moment, mine is obviously the ND game in 2005.

My Favorite Moment of Many

After almost leaving SC because he was homesick Jarrett dug down deep and made the most of his time at USC. He was an important cog in one of the most explosive offenses in the history of college football.

There will be a lot of talk as to where he will be on the draft board and what the expectations will be but that is for another time. We wish Dwayne Jarrett luck and thank him for all the great memories that he has provided us while he was at SC.

The 2006 Rose Bowl
Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

The 2005 Orange Bowl

Thank You Dwayne!

Good Luck!!