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A Great Win- USC Over Michigan!

First off we need to send a big congratulations to the University of Michigan for a great game. They came to play and in the first half they kept it close. SC adjusted and made it happen. Hats off to them!

There a lot of things to take away from tonight's game. This season was an absolute success. Yes we had two tough losses but these guys found a way to right the ship. There were some times where we were all scratching our collective heads but in the end they really came through.

A couple of thoughts

  • December 2nd was a fluke, PERIOD. SC did not come to play. They didn't take UCLA seriously and it cost them. They put it behind them and they focused on today's game.
  • This team will be insane to watch next year with all that we have coming back and the new kids coming in. I am NOT on the pre-season #1 bandwagon. Can we please enjoy this win for a while.
  • Jarrett is gone no question. Tonight's performance sealed it. There is too much money on the table for him not to go. We wish him luck and thank him for some great years at SC.
  • OK, so maybe Kiffin and Sarkisian pulled their head out and finally got their %$#! together. I will call off the dogs for now.
There will be a lot more to discuss in the coming days. Joel from Rocky Top Talk will provide us with his great animated drive charts that I will put up tomorrow. We will look at all the things that SC did tonight. There will obviously be a lot of discussion about the future and where we are headed.

But tonight we celebrate this great win and thank our guys for really coming together and giving us a great game!!