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Friday News and Notes

The SportingNews Matt Hayes would love to see Mack Brown as the Head Coach at UCLA in this article.  He would like to see a recruiting war between Pete Carroll and Mack Brown in L.A. I'm sure these guys would love it. He would also like to see USC and Alabama play a game. HT: Fight On Forever!

Here is a great column on RB Ryan Powdrell in the OC Register. He will play a big roll this season in the Trojans running game. USC is lucky to have him.

Athlon Sports has a nice wri te up on USC after their win against Arkansas. Take home point- don't count SC out! HT: We Are SC

My friend DC Trojan has a great take on how he roots for teams in the Pac 10. Also, he and Thistle71 have their takes on the Oregon St. game here and here. As usual their dry wit continues to make me laugh. They always take a more pragmatic approach. Great Stuff Guys!