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Thoughts on the coming weekend

With USC on a bye week before their home opener against Nebraska on Sept. 16th it will be a weekend of focusing on some of the other teams this weekend.

Games to watch:

  • Ohio State vs. Texas
  • Nebraska vs. Nicholls State
  • LSU vs. Arizona
  • Minnesota vs. Cal
  • Georgia vs. South Carolina
  • Penn State vs. Notre Dame

Will He or Won't He... Beat ND

Will the Truth Set you Free?
Photo courtesy of The Ozone

In the coming week I will take a closer look at Nebraska. I will have a small round table discussion with Corn Nation on our upcoming game. I sense that I will take some heat for not putting Nebraska in my recent BlogPoll rankings, shame on me; that is no way to treat a guest.

I will also continue to comment on how SC will be progressing through next weeks' practices and any issues leading up to the game with Nebraska.

Possible light blogging tomorrow with some work commitments to attend to but we will see how it goes.