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Chemistry Bringing the Trojans Together

I've made a number of comments in the past about team chemistry and how I feel it shapes a team. Nothing is more important than a team coming together for the common good and working together for a win. Ego's need to be put aside and players need to know their role and do their part in order for the team to succeed.

In today's Daily News, an article by Scott Wolf shows how this team is coming together after just one game. With the perception among some that without the big 3 in the backfield SC will have a tough time being productive the opening lines of the article really set the tone.

Rivers setting the tone.
(AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

"Eighteen different people touched the ball against Arkansas," wide receiver Chris McFoy said. "This is unheard of at 'SC. It means everyone gets the ball. I'm excited. We're all excited."

McFoy said even though USC is without marquee players Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush and LenDale White, there is more unity.

"Oh yes, there is a big difference," McFoy said. "The offense is a unit and works together.

This is where chemistry starts to bring the team together. I realize that there are plenty of Pete Carroll detractors out there but his style of coaching has always found a way to motivate players to come together for the common good of the team. Talent is important but if you can't bring that talent together as a team than your success will be sporadic.

It also motivates those players that may not be pulling their share in to steepping up and finding a way to contribute to the team as is discussed in this article by Gary Klein of LA Times.

Tailback Stafon Johnson, who was not among the 12 true freshmen who played in the opener, went through the first two days of practice this week with increased verve and attention to detail.

Johnson said he was visibly upset after the Arkansas game because he did not get to contribute to the victory.

"I was hurt that I couldn't help my teammates as much as I wanted to," he said.

Johnson, however, called the experience "a reality check," and says he has practiced this week with renewed purpose.

Coach Pete Carroll said Johnson was particularly impressive Tuesday and Wednesday during team drills that focused on the rushing attack.

It's only the first week I know, but you can see this team come together after only one game. A BCS Title this does not make but you have to start some where and with all the talent that left this team at the end of last season its great to see the new talent pick up where they left off.