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BlogPoll Week #2

Well it's time for the week #2 BlogPoll. There were some great games this weekend. Most of the big schools had tune-ups with lesser competition and that's to be expected. The big game was Cal-Tennessee where Cal was absolutely embarrassed and further perpetuated the argument of who's better the SEC or Pac 10. Louisville suffered a devastating loss with Michael Bush's broken leg. Notre Dame's offense looked a little anemic and USC seems to have put the past in the past. Anyway, on to the poll.

Rank Team Delta
1 Texas --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Auburn --
4 Ohio State --
5 Louisiana State 1
6 West Virginia 3
7 Florida 2
8 Iowa 1
9 Georgia 2
10 Florida State 4
11 Notre Dame 1
12 Michigan 1
13 Louisville 1
14 Tennessee 5
15 Clemson 3
16 UCLA 4
17 Penn State --
18 Oregon 2
19 Alabama 2
20 Oklahoma 3
21 Navy 1
22 Miami (Florida) 7
23 Cal 15
24 Arizona State --
25 TCU 1

Dropped Out: Michigan State (#25).

1. Texas: While their win was against North Texas, Colt McCoy looked very comfortable running the offense. He seemed to execute plays flawlessly. It will different against Ohio State but he now has some game experience so he now knows how it feels.

2. USC: John David Booty's coming out party. With all the losses to NFL SC had some real questions coming into this season, after a slow start in the first half they really turned it on in the second half. It was a good showing, the loss of Pinkard to a torn ACL is major concern so we'll see how Pete Carroll adjusts.

3. Auburn: With a win against Washington St. Auburn shows that they have the talent to win some big games. Kenny Irons was a double threat in both rushing and receiving. He will help Auburn significantly in their quest for the SEC crown.

4. Ohio State: The offense showed why they are considered tops in both polls as they seemed to be clicking on all cylinders. The defense has yet to be tested so it is hard to see how they have adjusted to the losses that they had last year.

5. LSU: They seemed to have everything clicking but this team always seems to have a black cloud following it so we'll watch them carefully.

6. West Virginia: With an impressive win against Marshall WVU is priming the pump for a showdown with Louisville. Slaton will play a major role in their quest to win the Big East.

7. Florida: I'm still not sure if Leak will ever be comfortable with Meyer's offense. They struggled a bit but hit their stride as game moved on. If leak stumbles Tebow takes the helm.

8. Iowa: They have what it takes to win the Big 10 the question is will they stand tall and take out Ohio State at home?

9. Georgia: Richt has this team ready to play; once he gets the QB situation under control they will be great.

10. Florida State: Their defense laid some serious hits on Miami. They still have some issues on their O line and QB but they got the job done.

11. Notre Dame: I'm still not convinced that they are for real. The defense looked improved but their high-powered offense just seemed to sputter. I realize that they played a good Ga. Tech. team that is prone to take down ranked teams but this the mighty Notre Dame! There should be no excuses. I`ll give them this though, they do play a pretty tough schedule.

12. Michigan: I know a win is a win but this one was anemic. They're another team with talent. If they get past Notre Dame I will believe.

13. Louisville: The loss of Bush opens the door for WVU in the Big East. His loss is tragic. Was it just me or did anyone else see the UK player add a little twist to Bush's leg as the play was ending.

14. Tennessee: They absolutely smoked Cal and have sent a message that they're back. They need to it going in order to exorcise all the demons from last season.

15. Clemson: I thought Bowden was going to blow a vessel during that sideline tirade that he had with officials. They on they're way back.

16. UCLA: The Southpaw Jesus era has begun. Olsen looked good in his debut and it seemed that he has been there forever. The defense is improved but the running game is still a question.

17. Penn State: Morrelli looked good in the opener but now they have to contend with Notre Dame. That will be a good game.

18. Oregon: Outside of SC and Cal they are the only other competitive team in the Pac 10. They need to continue to show that they are for real.

19. Alabama: I know it was only Hawaii but I have faith that they will continue to improve.

20. Oklahoma: Peterson looked pretty good but I am still not sold on The QB situation. Beat Oregon then we'll talk.

21. Navy: Ok still my sentimental pick. I just can't help myself.

22. Miami: The clock has officially started on Larry Coker's future he needs to get to the ACC championship game and win it in order to take the heat off.

23. Cal: We all saw it, nothing more needs to be said.

24. Arizona State: I probably should have dropped them out with their performance against Northern Arizona, but I want to see how they play a real team with the hole that they dug themselves with the Keller/Carpenter situation.

25. TCU: It wasn't pretty but it was a win.

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