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Maxwell Pundit: Week #1

Our friends over at Rakes of Mallow put together this little research project for picking the College Football blogosphere's best players from week to week called Maxwell Pundit, as is explained here. It is meant to be fun and is solely the opinions of the bloggers who participate. This is similar to the BlogPoll that Brian over at MGoBlog has put together.


1. Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia: Slaton has received a lot of attention in the off-season. Starting the season the way he finished 2005 with over 200 yards and 1 TD he was key to beating in-state rival Marshall. Next up, Eastern Washington.

2. Eric Ainge, QB, Tennessee: Ainge torched Cal and his performance goes a long way to putting Tennessee's dismal season in 2005 behind them. OC David Cutcliffe seems to have calmed the offense down and made them productive. Next up, Air Force.

3. John David Booty, QB, USC: Yes, I'm a homer. Booty got off to a slow start but turned it on the 2nd half. He has big shoes to fill but he carried himself as if he had years of experience. Next up, Nebraska

4. Ben Olsen, QB, UCLA: Olsen started his first game for UCLA since returning from 2 years of missionary work and he looked like he had been under center for the Bruins for 4 years. He also won Pac 10 player of the week. Next up, Rice.

5. Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn: A double threat against Wazzu. Irons had 180 yards rushing and 40 receiving and 1 TD. Auburn has a lot riding on this season and the pollsters have them ranked pretty high, #4. Next up, Mississippi State.

Others to consider:

Troy Smith: Ohio State:
Adrian Peterson: Oklahoma
Garrett Wolfe: Northern Illinois
Michael Bush: Louisville
Mike Hart: Michigan