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Week #1 News and Notes

Just some quick observations from week #1.

  • First and foremost we wish a speedy recovery to Louisville RB Michael Bush who broke his leg yesterday.  
  • Tennessee looks like they put last season behind them with their mauling of Cal on Saturday. Cal just didn't look ready to play and The Vols exploited them at every opportunity. I think it is safe to say that Marshawn Lynch's Heisman hopes have been serious derailed.
  • I don't know what to think about Notre Dame. The defense looks better than it did last year but the offense just looked out of sync. I know that Georgia Tech has played some ranked teams real tough in the past. This win, while ugly, for ND just seemed to bring up more questions than answers.
  • UCLA's Ben Olsen is the real deal. The few years that he took off for missionary work hasn't seemed to affect his game at all. He will be a tough competeior in the years to come. The question is will stay or leave early.
  • Texas hasn't missed a beat since the Rose Bowl and made quick work of North Texas. Freshman QB Colt McCoy looked comfortable and relaxed in his first game and seemed to be comfortable with offense. I realize that its North Texas but you've got to start somewhere.  Next up, Ohio State. While I'm not completely sold on the Buckeyes, McCoy will not have as much freedom to make the plays that he did this weekend. It will also be interesting to see how the Texas defense will contain the Buckeye offense, especially with the recent off field issues of one of their starting CB's. That couldn't have happened at a worse time.
  • With the passing of Northwestern Head Coach Randy Walker in the off season it was nice to here that Miami of Ohio enshrined Walker into their "Cradle of Coaches Plaza". This was a great gesture by Miami (OH) and it shows that they get it.