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Bradford Makes the Safe-ty Bet

OK, that's settled. Freshman Allen Bradford has decided he wants to stay on the defense and continue to play safety. Gary Klein has the story in the LA Times. If that is what he wants that's fine. He spoke to Coach Carroll about and the switch was made.

The Trojans have lost fullbacks Brandon Hancock, Ryan Powdrell and Stanley Havili because of injuries. Mike Brittingham, a former walk-on, will start for the third-ranked Trojans on Saturday against Washington State. Seldom-used Jody Adewale, a fifth-year senior, will back up Brittingham.

Asked why he did not want to play fullback, Bradford said: "I really couldn't tell you. They asked me if I just wanted to try out at fullback, I couldn't go through with it."

Bradford said his father counseled against the move to fullback, but his high school coach advised him it would be a way to get on the field.

There is nothing wrong with him making the move back; this was something that he wanted. There was some controversy over Bradford's unwillingness to move to FB that stemmed from a report by Scott Wolf. It was rumored that that article put Wolf in a little hot water with the USC Sports ID Tim Tessalone. But I cannot find any confirmation of that.

In the end we also need the help in the secondary so SC wins out either way.