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The Davis Factor

With two fullbacks out for the season and a third out for 6 weeks TE Fred Davis will have a more high profile role in this weeks game against Washington St. The OC Register's Mark Saxon writes that Davis needs to step up and utilize all of his potential.

...USC is going to need all the help it can get from the other skill players on its offense. With the team down to its fourth-string fullback, Booty's options are drying up.

It might be the right time for tight end Fred Davis to begin fulfilling his vast potential. Davis and Steve Smith are tied for the second-most receptions on the team. Davis could spend some time at fullback in an attempt by USC's coaches to integrate him more fully into the offense.

Asked if he is working on devising ways to get Davis the ball more Saturday, Coach Pete Carroll was coy. That tells you he probably is.

"Could be, yeah," Carroll said. "That could happen."

The tight end position has always been one of the keys to spreading out the USC high- powered offence. We saw all last season how Dominique Byrd was an effective weapon as that third option when Leinart could find Jarrett or Smith. As a converted WR Davis bring size and speed that is so important SC passing game. His willingness to convert from WR to TE shows that he puts team above all else. His willingness to play fullback also shows that will do whatever it takes to do his part.

Time To Shine!
Photo Courtesy: We Are SC

It wasn't always this way. Davis has had his share of problems in his early years at USC. Often late for team meeting he came close to losing it all when he returned late from Christmas break right before the Orange Bowl and his tardiness got him held out of that championship game.

Things are different now. Davis focuses more on his bookwork and has become Coach Carroll's model citizens. He will play a big part in USC's scheme this weekend up in Pullman. Lets hope it's a break out day.