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Dufresne Calls Out Notre Dame

LA Times columnist Chris Dufresne calls out Notre Dame in his Monday column. I mentioned earlier in the year that ND was going to get the same special treatment that SC got last year. There was all the talk that ND was going to win the BsCS title. Yes, I typed BsCS on purpose. There is no doubt that Coach Weis has made them better but as we have seen the past two weeks they still have issues.

The MSM is so anxious to have ND back on the national stage that they will build them up any way they can. No matter where you go there is always a contingent of Domers to contend with. They are passionate and support their team through thick and thin. You have to respect them for it.

Notre Dame got exactly what it deserved Saturday night, and now comes the backlash for a program many perceive is awash with arrogance.

Second-year Coach Charlie Weis is a control freak who tries to micromanage the administration, the groundskeepers, the South Bend Tribune and everything that goes out of his office with a green-rubber stamp.

"Not on my watch," is what Weis reportedly said about losing again to Michigan State, the kind of bulletin-board braggadocio that is tolerable only if you can back it up.

Take that, Part Deux, Notre Dame!

A wipeout home loss to Michigan, followed by an embarrassing road defeat at Michigan State leaves the Irish reeling at 2-2 and left to wonder ...

I have a close friend who went to ND and he is as passionate about the Irish as anyone I have ever seen. 364 days a year we have some laughs, we talk about work and family etc. But on that one day it all changes. I've had my fun for the last few years before the `05 game. But in '05 it was different, he paged me, he texted my phone, he called me at halftime and made my life a living hell. Then there was Jarrett on 4th and 9, the Leinart bootleg for the goal line and the Bush Push. The phone went silent; no pages, no messages, no nothin'. I tried to call him but he wouldn't pick up the phone. It took him a week before he would talk to me. I don't think he recovered until this season started.

My point is this; the Domers LOVE their team and have staked their future on Charlie Weis. I have no doubt that they will get that title but not this year and maybe not next year. But win it they will. That will be then, but this is now and right now the MSM was all in love with ND and like a jilted bride they have been left at the alter. A little of the luster is off the pearl and the MSM is doing to ND what they did to SC when they lost to Texas- getting their revenge for making them look bad.