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The Offense: Coming Together

With Dwayne Jarrett supposedly out 2-4 weeks, I know there are rumors that he wants to play against Washington St., now is the time for Pete Carroll to mix it up at the WR position. Patrick Turner will start in place of Jarrett and Turner has shown that he has the talent so I would expect him see some serious playing time in the coming weeks. This will also give us a chance to see Vidal Hazelton in action, as he is sure to get some playing time also. From Scott Wolf of the Daily News:

Jarrett did return to the game after injuring his left shoulder, which encouraged Carroll. But every person responds differently to such injuries, so doctors are unable to give a definite prognosis on how long Jarrett will be out.

Sophomore Patrick Turner will start in place of Jarrett, and Carroll said freshman Vidal Hazelton could also see playing time.

"Patrick gives us no reason to think he can't be a significant part of the offense if Dwayne can't go," Carroll said. "We're losing the all-time touchdown maker in the history of Pac-10. We're losing a ton."

Turner will get his chance.
Photo: The Daily Trojan

As it stands now Emmanuel Moody has separated himself from the pack at the RB position. He needs to hit the holes a little more aggressively and show us a few more of those big runs that he is capable of like he did in the Arizona game. It is classic case of establishing the run. As Moody gets more playing time under his belt we should see him start to break out more. Carroll will make adjustments that he needs at the FB position.

The other issue is USC's lack of offensive punch. The Trojans lacked explosiveness against Nebraska and Arizona, although Carroll hoped freshman tailback Emmanuel Moody (21 carries, 130 yards) emerged to fill that role.

"The fact is Emmanuel really came through to give us big-play ability," Carroll said. "That's a big find in this game. We got more information and that's a guy that can make plays. We're happy we saw he can get out in the open field."

The O line is doing a pretty good job at protecting Booty so he can have time to let the plays develop but now he needs to take a few chances with the deep ball and stretch the opposing defense out by making the big play. I know it will all fall into place. It is only Booty's third game and as I have stated before there is a lot of chemistry that needs to materialize.

Each game is different and has its own set of issues and problems. The O line this week will have to worry about Washington St. defensive end Mkristo Bruce. This guy is a stud and had 10 sacks last season. There is a great article in the OC Register by Janis Carr on this subject today.

Bruce...Looking to pad his stats?

On Bruce:

Bruce, a three-year starter who plays both sides, finished with 10 sacks last season.

"He's real slippery, he's a real good player," Baker said. "He's smart, and during a game he knows how to get to a quarterback every time."

Said Williams: "He's got one thing on his mind, and that's to get the quarterback."

He will be tough to stop but the O line can do it.

Either way SC still has some work to do to find their rhythm, it just takes a little time. More questions will be answered this week.