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Maxwell Pundit Ballot for Week #4

Things are starting to get a little more focused in the MaxwellPundit voting.

Here is this week's MaxwellPundit Ballot.

1: Troy Smith, Ohio State, QB- It wasn't the best performance by Troy Smith (2 INT's) but his 60 yard TD pass to Brian Robiskie was a defining moment. That play opened up, what was at the time a tight game, which then turned it into a rout. Smith methodically moves the offense down the field cool as a cucumber and seldom seems rattled.

Smith, just plodding along.

2: Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma, RB- Peterson continues to show why he is in the hunt for a lot of awards this year. His 3 TD's helped Oklahoma win in a rout against an overmatched Middle Tennessee St. team. And that was only in one half of work. As I have said before, great work if you can find it!

Peterson, making some noise

3: Steve Slaton, West Virginia, RB- Yes it was a lackluster day for Slaton who only rushed for 80 yards and 0 TD's as WVU was probably looking ahead to a bye week and then a game against Mississippi St. He has done enough in previous games to keep him in the top 5.

A bit of an off week but Slaton will recover.

4: Brady Quinn, Notre Dame, QB- It wasn't pretty but how do you ignore a 5 TD, 1 INT game even though ND just played sloppy until the 4th qtr. Quinn made up for his terrible performance last week against Michigan. With their easy upcoming schedule he should continue to perform at a high level.

Still in the hunt

5: Mario Manninham, Michigan, WR- Manningham had another stellar day against Wisconsin with 7 catches for 113 yards and 2 TD's. He is fast becoming QB Chad Henne's favorite targets. As a sophomore he has been a virtual unknown to some but that cat is now out of the bag and opposing defenses will need to take care that Manningham doesn't get behind them and torch them.

The cat's out of the bag!

Others I considered:

Chris Leak, Florida
Mike Hart, Michigan
Rey Maualuga, USC