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A few notes on tonight's win against Arizona

I was not able to see the game this evening due to a business commitment. I was able to catch the last 10 minutes or so on game cast. Here are some preliminary thoughts.

  • The defense, without a doubt, is showing why it is one of the best units in the country. They really stepped up and they are the main reason wwhy we won tonight.
  • The injury bug continues to bite us with the preliminary report of a broken Fibula to Stanley Havili and the unknown shoulder injury to WR Dwayne Jarrett. I will get a more detailed report on his injury tomorrow but it does not appear to be as serious as the Powdrell injury last week.
  • JDB, from what I have reading on the boards and early news reports did not look as sharp as he had in his previous two games. That happens lets hear the full story first before we get crazy about it.
  • We had one fumble and one int. lost and one fumble recovered. Not great but the damage was minimal.
  • The running game still has a number of questions that MUST be answered soon. Bradford to FB? I think there is no choice now.
I will have a more detailed post tomorrow and start sorting through the positve and the negative. It was an ugly win but a win none-the-less. We have Wazzu next week at Pullman so it will be all hands on deck. For now lets be happy with the win.

We will sort it all out tomorrow.