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GameDay Open Thread: USC vs. Arizona

This is the Game Day open thread for the Arizona Game.

The USC game will not be televised here in the NYC area so I will have to rely on my trusty Treo for game updates.  I also have a business dinner this evening that I can't get out of so I will be off blog for most of the game. Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or general rants and I will address them upon my return. Enjoy the Game!!

Keys to The Game

As Pac 10 conference play opens for USC today it's not enough to say that the Offensive Line needs to give JDB time or that you need to establish the run to set up the pass. We still have some questions that need to be answered.

Fullback: Freshman Stanley Havili looks to get the call today and at the very least he will see some significant time today. The FB position has been key to the Trojans' success so there is a lot riding on Havili's performance today.

Tailback: Someone needs to be a leader and take charge at this position. Gable, Moody, Bradford and Washington have all seen time. We are lucky to have a tremendous amount of depth at TB so someone needs to step up and make a statement. I'd like to see Washington be that guy.

The Secondary: As I stated here, they really have not been tested in their first two games; they should see that test today. Keep the receiver in front of you and hit anything you see should be the order of the day.

Turnovers: SC needs to continue to create opportunities with turnovers. This has been their specialty over the years and they are one of the best at finding way to the ball when the opponent coughs it up. As for SC, they have not had a turnover this season and they need to continue to protect the ball.

What To Expect

USC needs to come out hot and not sluggish, as they are apt to do. They need to control the tempo, the receiver's will they're work cut out for them but they should prevail because of their size. The running game needs to get on track Havili needs to be an impact player right away.

Early on I was concerned about an older more experienced Arizona defense going up against a younger less experienced USC offence but after watching Arizona get waxed by LSU and struggle against BYU I'm not as impressed. That is not to say that AZ can't make a game out of it, I'm just not sure that it will as difficult as I thought this game could be for USC.

John David Booty looks very comfortable in this offense and he has a number of weapons at his disposal. The offensive line has done a great job of keeping the pressure off of him and that should continue today. I think we are all pleased by how the O line has come together with all of the new faces that they have and made the transition from last year's unit seamless.

The defensive front will continue to put up the pressure. Tuitama is a pretty good QB so the need to pressure him and keep him off balance. If he's forced out of the pocket it will tough to see haw the secondary will be tested. He can make plays so the DB's need to be on their toes.

I see this as a win for SC. By how much will depend on how we do in establishing the running game and how the secondary will do with AZ's receivers. We'll have to watch closely.