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Controversy at Fullback

With Ryan Powdrell and Brandon Hancock out for the year. SC has to do some shuffling at the FB position. Scott Wolf wrote in the Daily News today that freshman Allen Bradford is not too keen on the idea of making another position switch.

Bradford, a freshman who already switched from safety, said he would not consider replacing starter Ryan Powdrell, who broke his leg against Nebraska and is out for the season.

"I wouldn't go," Bradford said. "That's where I draw the line. That's not me. I never played fullback in my life."

What if he could get 10 carries a game?

"I still wouldn't do it," Bradford said.

I can understand where Bradford is coming from but sometimes you need to step up when it's all hands on deck. Pete Carroll has amassed a tremendous amount of talent, and at some positions that talent is deep. But sometimes you need to move some pieces around the board in order to adjust to your needs; this is one of those times.

SC is missing that explosive playmaker that they have been used to having in the backfield. Again they have the talent but it will take a little time to shake out and someone needs to step up.

Freshman Stanley Havili will get most of the reps and he is likely to move to the head of the line. Regardless of who plays FB it is imperative that everyone on the roster be flexible to accommodate the needs of the team. Let's hope that Bradford understands that and steps up.