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BlogPoll Ballot for Week #3- Final

There were some great games yesterday and things are starting to take shape within the national picture. The SEC continues to show why they have the toughest road to hoe. Both the Auburn/LSU and Florida/Tennessee games were great to watch. Michigan stuns Notre Dame and SC beats Nebraska. The Big 12 had a tough day and Oregon got a couple of gifts from the officials. It was just a great day to watch some football.

Here is this week's BlogPoll Ballot.

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Auburn 1
4 Michigan 6
5 Florida 3
6 West Virginia --
7 Texas --
8 Georgia 1
9 Louisville 3
10 Louisiana State 5
11 Iowa --
12 Virginia Tech 9
13 Notre Dame 10
14 Oregon 1
15 Clemson 8
16 Cal 1
17 Tennessee 1
18 UCLA --
19 Oklahoma --
20 TCU 6
21 Alabama 1
22 Florida State 8
23 Nebraska 8
24 Arizona State 1
25 Penn State 1

Dropped Out: Miami (Florida) (#22).

1. Ohio State: While they started off a little slow in the first half they quick work of Cincinnati in the second half. Smith had a typical day with 2 TD throws to Ginn and Pittman had a TD.

2. USC: A tougher test with Nebraska with the same result. The lines are playing great but the running game is still taking shape, the loss of Powdrell will hurt. Booty was consistent but dodged a couple of bullets and Jarrett and Smith are back to their old ways.

3. Auburn: This was a great game! This game was all Defense. Auburn's schedule gets a bit easier, albeit barely. They still have a lot of tough games on the schedule.

4. Michigan: They get a huge bump up with their win at South Bend. There were a lot of nay Sayers who weren't sure if they were up to the task. The proved them wrong big-time. You think Lloyd Carr has a bit of spring in his step? I do.

5. Florida: This was their first big test and it was tough one. Is it just me or is Urban Meyer looking more like defensive coach? Leak helped his Heisman chances with great game.

6. West Virginia: This game was over in the first five minutes of the game. Steve Slaton had another impressive first half, spurred on by a snub from Maryland for pulling their scholly offer. They looked dominant over an out matched Maryland team.

7. Texas: What a difference a week makes. With the tOSU loss behind them the `Horns get right back on track against Rice. It was really sloppy of them though to let Rice score, sheesh ☺.

8. Georgia: Another stingy performance by the Georgia Defense. Stafford is coming into his own. With the defense humming along it will give Stafford more time to build his confidence.

9. Louisville: I know they're good but Miami isn't. It will be a barroom brawl when they play WVU but until then it's still the Big East so I'm still skeptical.

10. LSU: That was a tough loss to Auburn but I think they will be in the mix as the season progresses. Russell had a decent day against a tough Auburn Defense and the LSU Defense didn't give up much, they just didn't get much themselves.

11. Iowa: I was a little surprised that they were down early to Iowa St. Drew Tate brought them back but if the expect to have a chance against tOSU or Michigan they need to be a little more dominant.

12. Virginia Tech: A convincing win against North Carolina. They may be the only team that can win the ACC.

13. Notre Dame: The loss to Michigan will Charlie Weis going back to the drawing board and hopefully quiet down some of the preseason hype. They still have a tough schedule ahead of them.

14. Oregon: Pennies from heaven. The refs blew this game not once but twice.

15. Clemson; Tommy takes it to Dad and gets the best of him in this football version of Family Feud. This game had the potential to be a blow out but some Special Teams issues. Can they win the ACC?

16. Cal: There has been a lot of talk about how they are the only team in the Pac 10 to challenge SC. They still have some QB issues. So I'm not quite ready to buy into Corso's hype.

17. Tennessee: They played a great game against Florida, unfortunately Florida played just a little bit better. They still have a shot to get the title game. This is definitely not the same team that I saw last year.

18. UCLA: They had a bye week last week. They play the Huskies on Saturday.

19. Oklahoma: Screwed by the officials Oklahoma had Oregon beat. Let's see if they can bounce back. Regardless of the mistakes they needed to win this game. OU looks pretty good and Adrian Peterson is living up to his talent.

20. TCU: OK, I'm convinced. Holding Texas Tech. to only 3 points is impressive.

21. Alabama: They're in the easy part of their schedule now but it will get tougher in the weeks to come.

22. Florida State: Jeff Bowden needs to go enough said. This once proud program needs a good shake up.

23. Nebraska: They have the talent but Callahan seemed to leave half his playbook in the bag. They will probably win the Big 12 North.

24. Arizona State: So the head coach changed quarterbacks so they could have a lackluster performance against a Colorado team that should now be in Div. II. OK I get it.

25. Penn State; Nice rebound from the ND loss against Youngstown State. They still have some questions though.