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Kiffin Won't Look Back

Lane Kiffin won't relive the past when it comes to the forth-and-2 play that opened the door for Texas and Vince young to win the Rose Bowl. Bill Plaschke has the story in his column today.

There is no question that the decisions made on that one play will be analyzed and criticized for years to come. The fact is no matter what decision was made if it had failed we would still be asking why? There is no need to try and question the past. We lost, that's it. We are already writing a new chapter and we need to focus on this season. We need to take care of our own business and not worry about the others. There will be no repeat championships this year but if we stay focused we could repeat our trip to the NC game in January.

...Kiffin is the Trojans' offensive coordinator, and I was talking to him Tuesday about introductions.

This season, we officially meet him. This season, we officially find out who he is.

With Norm Chow's best players having followed the shuffling old guru to the NFL, this season is about his swaggering young replacement.

The Trojans' offense is Kiffin's guys, Kiffin's vision, Kiffin's dreams.

That's right this is his offense now. These are his players and it's all on him. I have confidence that he will have his unit ready and that he will get the most out of them. He has already shown that he has the offense up for the game at hand. And he is already challenging them when he thinks they aren't giving their best. This team can play and they will do great things. Kiffin will put his stamp on the offense. His success or failure will count on it.