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Maxwell Pundit Ballot for Week #2

Week #2 of the season saw some awesome performances. It also saw some head scratchers. I will, under a separate post, share my thoughts about this weekend's games. For now this is my ballot for this week's Maxwell Pundit poll.

Troy Smith, Ohio State - This isn't just about stats. This was game on the national stage that had been anticipated for a year. Texas rode last year's victory in Columbus all the way to the BCS Championship Game. This year the roles are reversed. Ohio State had a number of questions on the defense but those questions were put to rest for the most part and tOSU prevailed. Smith ran the offense to near perfection. They still have a long way to go but this gets last years loss officially behind them. It may have also made him the current front-runner in the Heisman race but I will let others debate that.

Brady Quinn, Notre Dame - After last week's less than stellar performance Brady Quinn got back into top form against Penn State. It could not have been much better say for 2 possible int's and a missed receiver in the end zone. The road does not get any easier for Quinn and ND with Michigan.

Rudy Carpenter, Arizona State - I was not a fan of how he came to be the starter at ASU. That sort of behavior is detrimental to team chemistry and undermines the authority of the coaching staff. That being said Carpenter has shown why he has the backing of his teammates. After a slow start he finished the night 17 of 26 for 333 yards and
5 TD's. He did have 1 int returned for a TD but that was his lone blemish.

Chris Leak, Florida - While there have been some questions about Leak being able to handle Meyer's offense, Leak looked more comfortable yesterday going 19 for 29 for 350 yards and 4 TD's. Yes it was against Central Florida but you've got to get it clicking somewhere. He spread the passing around also hitting top recruit Percy Harvin for a 58 yard TD catch in the first qtr. that really set the tone. Florida still has one of the toughest schedule to play but if Leak is getting more comfortable it mean good things for Florida in the coming weeks.

Steve Slaton, WVU - With only 2 qtr.'s of work Slaton had 8 carries for 105 yards and 2 TD's. Not bad work if you can find it. It would have been interesting to see how well he would have done if he played another quarter and a half. Obviously EWU is a cupcake opponent but that's not Slaton's fault he just goes out performs. With the Big East devoid of any real competition outside of Louisville I expect Slaton to continue to have games similar to this one.