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Friday Night News and Notes

Holland out for season:

USC Freshman Receiver Jamere Holland will miss the 2006 season with a shoulder injury sustained in 7-on-7 drills at El Camino College several weeks ago. As was reported by Scott Wolf of the LA Daily News. He will have surgery next week. While no injury is good for any team, we have enough depth at receiver that provided other injuries are kept to a minimum; we can absorb it for the time being.

Out for the year.

Interesting Article on Arkansas Football:

The Northwest Arkansas Times has an interesting article on Arkansas Offensive Coordinator Gus Malzahn.  There is already some skepticism on how a former High School coach will fit in at the D-1 Level. Well, I guess everyone has to start somewhere. I don't think he's going to light it up right out of the gate but I don't expect him to fall flat on his face either.  His style of offense is really no different than any other coach out there; focus on your strengths while exploiting your opponent's weaknesses. It will be interesting to see how Malzahn adjusts to the next level.

Will Malzahn be ready to pick up the pace?

Pete Fiutak's take on the recent scandals:

Kids will be kids. He's right. We can only ask so much of them. To expect them to act like adults all the time is futile. He pretty much sums up my feelings, I won't give anyone a free pass when it comes to bad behavior but to expect perfection without some sort of a positive example sets them up to make mistakes. He makes some great points.

Things were no different then as they are now.

The USA Today Coaches Poll:

I wonder when they voted and if it was before the Bomar incident did they have a chance to change their minds. HP has a good read here that ask's that same question. I still feel that the polls should come out in the 3rd week of the season just to shake things out. The OU situation makes this poll completely unreliable and lacking of any credit whatsoever. But that's typical of the media, throw it out then and forget about it.

What, Me Worry? Of Course Not!