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Wednesday News and Notes

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TrojanWire has The Action News Pac-10 Power Rankings up for review. Truly hilarious stuff! Great Job Kyle!

The SportingNews' Matt Hayes has USC and Ohio State playing for the BCS Title. It's an interesting read, I'm sure Texas will happy to hear it.

 The Arizona Republic has a good article on Matt Leinart and how he is earning the confidence of his team. This really shouldn't surprise anyone, Leinart is a true leader and his tough play will earn more than enough respect throughout the league not just the Cardinals.

 Fox Sports has their USC review up for 2006. It's a fairly objective review. They also have USC ranked #1 and the Trojans playing Auburn in The Championship Game here.

Kirk Herbstreit has his 6th annual Herbie Awards out.

Here's how USC places:

  • #3 - Dwayne Jarrett - Best Reciever
  • #1 - Ryan Kalil - Best Offensive Lineman
  • #5 - Sedrick Ellis - Best Defensive Tackle
  • #4 - Lawrence Jackson - Best Defensive End
  • #2 - Best GameDay Locations
  • USC - Pac 10 Champions
  • CJ Gable - Best True Freshman
  • #1 - Pete Carroll - Best Gameday Coach
  • #3 - Steve Sarkisian - Best Play Caller
  • #2 - Steve Sarkisian - Best Future Coaches

All Uniform Team:

  • Dwayne Jarrett
  • Sam Baker
  • Josh Pinkard