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More Boredom in LA

This time it's the Daily Breeze.

Mike Waldner of the Daily Breeze has an interesting article taking a hard look at some of the transgressions that have befallen USC of late. I have been more than open that some of these issues needed to be looked at closely and that issues of character should always be investigated with the same vigor that coaches break down game tape.

With that being said it is clear that the article is gratuitous and self-serving piece that is a little late in being written. What summer boredom kicking in? Too lazy to do some real writing? I'm unimpressed with the sudden consternation that Walden has towards SC in his labeling of the program of the "Miami of the West".

Regarding the Bush issue:

The Bush deal is more complicated. It is documented his parents talked to and received financial considerations from would-be agents in blatant disregard for NCAA rules.

It is hard to find fault with USC here. How can the Trojans know what a player's family is doing?

"The parents maybe shouldn't have talked to the people they talked to," Carroll said.

Not maybe. They flat out should not have had anything to do with anyone until after Bush finished his season and declared for the NFL.

Exactly, so lets move this one into a different column. If it is found that there was wrong doing SC takes the hit not the Bush camp. The parents should have had more constraint so how is that SC's fault. If the parents were informed of the rules and subsequently broke them why should SC take the hit.

Whether or not you agree with how Pete Carroll and the Athletic Department handles these issues is not the debate here, they (USC) need to address them BEFORE they happen by instilling a harder line of discipline and constant, open lines of communication about the pitfalls that are out there.

It's a little late for press to be jumping on it now. If they were so concerned about it why didn't they jump on it as the issues came up. Where were their supposed investigative skills to get to the bottom of these supposed scandals?

Detractors will have a hard time pinning the apologist label on me. I have been more than critical of how these issues will hurt USC's image. I also commented that all party's involved in ongoing issues need to come clean in order to put the issues behind them.

Personally I think Waldner is just filling time before his retirement. He has been writing garbage like this since I was kid living in the South Bay. Sadly I think he's late to the party on this one.