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Who to Root for when your Team isn't Playing

I've seen that question asked on a couple of message boards lately. To me it's easy, I always root for the Pac 10, even UCLA. With all the talk of the East Coast Bias it is important that conferences stick together. This years Cal-Tennessee game has a lot of implications. Will Tennessee put behind them "the season of which we do not speak" and return to prominence in the SEC? Will Cal finally live up to the pre-season hype and dethrone USC? We won't know the answer to that question for a while but it will give us a view as to how Cal will play this year.

I want to see a lot of this against Tennessee!

What about UCLA-ND? Nothing would make me happier than to see another Pac 10 team roll into South Bend and come out with a win. Losses like that can be demoralizing, especially with all the hype being tossed about in the MSM. It would also put a little pep in the step of Bruins fans, from which I would happily trip them up with a win at the Rose Bowl. The same goes for Stanford who put a scare in the Irish last year.

Do you think you guys can do this to the Irish?

How about Arizona-LSU? I think Arizona is better than last year but are they good enough to beat LSU. I hope so. If SC beats Arkansas and Cal downs Tennessee it does wonders to elevate the Pac 10 with the MSM.

We'll do our part, can you guys step up?

Enemies make strange bedfellows, so sometimes you root for those that wouldn't normally root for. In the end I will always root for the Pac 10 first.