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Friday News and Notes has their top 15 games to watch this year. They USC/Notre Dame at #1 and USC/Cal at #8.

ESPN Sports Nation has an interview with USC DE Lawrence Jackson.  You can read the transcript here. Lawrence has his head on straight and will do great things when his football career is over.

Scott Wolf has a post on his blog about Emmanuel Moody.

There continues to be a feeling around the program that freshman Emmanuel Moody possesses qualities most similar to Reggie Bush among the young tailbacks. That's a tall order, obviously, but Moody does seem to have impressive initial burst.
To become an every down performer, however, Moody will need to work on his receiving abilities as he matures.

Well, if he's all that we will have no problem with our running game. But I would like to see him with some game experience first.

The Press-Enterprise has a good article on the defense. It will be interesting to how the "3-4" defense gets utilized this year, if it gets utilized. With the depth we have in the linebacker position it will be a new look for Trojan Defense and it could take advantage of the talent that SC has stocked over the years.

Brandon Hancock went under the knife this afternoon to fix his torn ACL and MCL.  According to his blog he expects to home by 4:00 today.  I think that's a little optimistic, he will be home between 6:00 or 7:00pm. Most important is a good surgical result.

Speaking of Lawrence Jackson, He made ESPN the Magazines 2006 College Football Preview. It's a regional cover. HT: TrojanWire

Photo courtesy, ESPN The Magazine