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Cushing on a Mission

Today's Bergen Record has an article on sophomore LB Brian Cushing.  Living here in the North Jersey area Brian Cushing is a household name if you follow High School Football. His freshman season proved that he belongs at SC. He also had his share of controversy having been initially detained by the LAPD during the Mark Sanchez situation.

He scours the Internet, only to find critics calling him out with rumors of steroid abuse, calling him a bum. They say he can't live up to the hype he created out of high school. They say he will never achieve what everybody expected of him coming out of Bergen Catholic.

Brian Cushing also has a message: Keep talking, you're only motivating me to eventually shut you up.

"Any time something negative happens toward me, people there [in North Jersey] will start saying something," Cushing said from Los Angeles last week. "Out here, people support me a lot. Back home, people are looking for me to fail. As much as that annoys me, it drives me more. That's something I don't want to put up with."

To silence his detractors, Cushing says he has to prove he belongs at USC by being the dominant player that people remember from Bergen Catholic. There's no other way. He knew that when he went Hollywood or bust

This guy's a fighter no doubt about it. He wants to win and will do everything he can to make it happen. He is the most high profile football player to come out of Bergen Catholic since Matt LoVecchio went to Notre Dame.

He's ready to contribute...Again.

Having missed spring practice due to shoulder surgery he slipped in the depth chart behind SR Dallas Sartz, Cushing expects to compete to get his old job back. Hearing all the negative talk over the years has motivated him to perform at a higher level. That's his goal this year. He wants to continue to prove the naysayers wrong. Being a part of one of the best linebacking corps in the country is a sure fire way to keep motivated.