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Gable moves to the front of the line

Scott Wolf has a post on his blog today about the maturity factor and its effect on how coaches view their players. Coaches look for anything to set players apart from one another and it doesn't take much to for a coach to promote or demote a player because of attitude or performance. Such is the case with the current crop of freshman running backs.

The importance of scrimmage stats proved their worth this week when freshman tailback Stafon Johnson went to the scout team. Johnson gained 323 yards in 39 carries, an average of 8.3 yards per carry in four scrimmages.

The current No. 1 tailback, freshman C.J. Gable, gained 211 yards in 25 carries, for 8.4 yards per carry. Emmanuel Moody, probably the No. 3 back, gained 191 yards in 26 carries (7.3 yards).
So what's the difference? Among the many factors that go into such decisions, one insider said maturity played a key role. That meant knowing what you're supposed to be doing, whether on the field or in a meeting.

Giving the coaches one less reason not to play you is sometimes as important as providing a reason to play you.

Obviously, we don't know the reasons why Johnson was moved to the scout team but what we do know is that here is some stiff competition to be starting running back at USC this season. C. J. Gable is really proving his value to the coaching staff, Lets hope that his motivation will show some positive results in the opener against Arkansas.

I don't think we will see another Reggie Bush at USC for sometime but that doesn't mean that any one of these great freshman RB's can't blaze their own trail. It should be fun to watch.

C. J. Gable