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CFN Offensive Unit Rankings for 2006

CFN has their 2006 Offensive Unit Rankings out. This is different than the Pac-10 reviews that I posted a couple of weeks ago.

The Offense:

2. USC
This isn't going to be anywhere near the 580-yard, 49 point-per-game juggernaut of last year losing Matt Leinart, LenDale White, Winston Justice, Dominique Byrd, Taitusi Lutui, and Reggie Bush, but there's hope for the explosion to continue, albeit to a lesser degree, thanks to the nation's best receiving corps, a good foundation on the offensive line with tackle Sam Baker and center Ryan Kalil, and more high school All-America prospects than one team should have. However, there's an outside chance the wheels could come flying off. Quarterback John David Booty is hardly a sure-thing to last the season with his gimpy back, but Mark Sanchez is back on the team after sexual assault charges against him were dropped. The running back situation is full of question marks with injuries, youth, and ineligibility playing havoc with the corps. Even so, this will be one of the nation's five best attacks if everyone stays healthy.

That's a fair assesment. It would be great to continue the dominance that we have had for the past couple of years on offence but that is obviously not the case. I would be just as happy if we were consistent in our play even if we aren't as explosive. I'm a little surprised with ASU's ranking especially with Keller probably transferring to a 1AA school. There are number of other questions that I have like UF at #17 and Texas at #8.

The key for SC is to win. I don't care if we blow them out or lull them to sleep. Just Win Baby!

The Quarterbacks:

5. USC
So who wants to be a superstar? Is it a foregone conclusion that the starting USC quarterback will be a Heisman finalist thanks to all the talent around him? Probably, but who will it be? John David Booty appeared ready to explode in the starting role before back spasms struck this spring. Mark Sanchez has next level talent and may someday be in New York for a Heisman presentation now that he's back on the team after a sexual assault charge filed by a USC student was dropped. If Booty can't get healthy there will be a big-time panic and lots of crossed fingers hoping for Sanchez is innocent and can get back in the mix since Mike McDonald is a limited number three option compared to the other two.

OK, this is not so surprising. Booty will finally get his chance to start. There have been a lot of questions about his performance in practice and scrimmages. I don't think it will be a big deal. Real game situations are different than practicing against your own team. Leinart went through the same issues and looked how he turned out.  The big question will be if Booty goes down how will Sanchez perform? Mike McDonald is also in the wings but at #3 on the depth chart he is almost an afterthought to some.

The Wide Receivers:

1. USC
This group will keep the NFL stocked for years to come. The entire corps is full of big, fast, talented receivers who can do it all highlighted by the best returning receiver in America, Dwayne Jarrett, and the speedy Steve Smith, who's also All-America caliber. Patrick Turner and Chris McFoy would provide excellent depth if it was just the two of them, but top recruit Vidal Hazelton and junior Whitney Lewis help to make the reserves something truly special. There's a good rotation at tight end between three good pass catchers.

This should be surprise to no one.  This is what will set us apart if we establish the running game. Jarrett and Smith will set the tone with some excellent depth ready to step in at a moments notice.

The Offensive Line:

#14    USC No explanation given

This is a bit surprising I thought that SC would at least crack the Top 10. I know we had to replace 3/5th's of the O line but I thought they would rank higher. At least CFN is consistent they have USC at #3 in the Pac-10 and that is how they stack up here.

The Runningbacks:

#23 USC no explanation given

I realize that we have a lot of young talent that needs to be tested so we really shouldn't be surprised for the lack of any discussion. But, I will say that if the talent pans out as is expected we will get a lot of attention coming our way and quickly so lets hope for the best.

CFN's assesment is a good read throughout.