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The Sunday Evening News

Now that I'm back from my training meeting it's time to dive right in. On a side note, you would not believe the things that are being developed for computer-assisted surgery! It truly is amazing how far the industry has come and where it is headed. This will mean even better outcomes for patients in the future.

Anyway, on to the news from while I was away.

The AP put out their pre-season poll and they have SC ranked at #6. I plan to talk a little more about this in a separate post. Here's the poll courtesy of ESPN.

 The LA Times has an article by Gary Klein about players injuries and their use of the NSAID Torodol. This is not surprising to me but I am surprised that it hasn't come to light sooner. Being in the healthcare industry and having a background in patient care, I'm OK with it as long as a physician administers it. When players begin to self-medicate that's when the problems start. HT: The Wiz

Pete Carroll named John David Booty starting QB for the season opener against Arkansas. He was also named Co-Captain. The story's here. Lets hope he's up to the challenge.

Booty Takes the Helm.

Matt Leinart made his debut with the Arizona Cardinals last night. From what I saw he did OK. He ran the hurry-up offense in moving the team into field goal position late in the first half. The story's in the Boston Globe.

Finally...He's in the game!

ESPN has their  review of USC for 2006 here. It's pretty much the same as all the others. It looks like Coach Carroll has them focused.

The First BlogPoll Rountable is up and I have submitted my responses to the questions. You can check them out below.