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Wednesday Morning Quick Hits

  • As I posted last night, Brandon Ting tested positive for steroids as was reported by Scott Wolf of the LA Daily News. Truly disappointing.
  • A Choads Guide to USC Football has the lowdown on new OL recruit James Wilson. This is a big win in the recruiting battle with ND and makes up for the loss of top OT recruit Sam Young earlier this year. Looks like Coach Carroll is hitting his stride.
  • College basketball writer Luke Winn lists his hot recruiting programs of college basketball. He lists USC No.3 behind Kansas State and Perdue. Of course this is will only be true when top Recruit OJ Mayo publicly commits to USC.
  • ESPN's Greg Easterbrook in his TMQ column takes some NFL teams to task for passing on Matt Leinart in this years draft. An interesting read. Regardless, Leinart needs to sign soon and I don't mean autographs.
  • Trojan Football News has a story from the Tucson Citizen on the Pac-10's potential increase in offense in 2006.
  • I know it's Wednesday but CFN's Tuesday Question is on the Ten Greatest Regular Season Games of All-Time.
  • There's a great article in the Mobile Register about the new book about USC/Alabama clash of 1970.  This game really broke the color barrier in the south in regards to college football. HT: CFR
  • Finally Kyle at Dawg sports has a couple of posts up on the East Coast Bias. I've got my own thoughts in the story below. He makes some good points.
A lot to check out I know but this should get you through the day.  Now, as my boss always says GO SELL SOMETHING!

Enjoy your day.