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Thursday Evening News and Notes

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I have an early flight in the AM for ANOTHER training meeting that will go through the weekend so there will light posting until Sunday evening. So lets get to it.

CBS Sportsline's Dennis Dodd has his Pac-10 Preview out.  He has SC winning the Pac-10 for the fifth straight year. Their secret; Defense.

Pete Carroll started dominating the league -- and subsequently the country -- because he developed a defense. Not a great one, not all the time but in a conference where defense is an afterthought, Carroll was committed.

You're probably chuckling. Defense? The school has had three Heisman winners in the past four years. USC set Pac-10 records for total offense and scoring last year. That Bush fellow seemed to do OK and Matt Leinart just made himself $50 million with his first contract.

And wasn't that Vince Young tap dancing around the Trojans' D in the Rose Bowl? Didn't that defense give up at least 21 points in almost half its games? Yes. Still, USC has led the conference in total defense twice in the past four seasons. Even last year when the offense was putting up basketball scores, the defense was able to make its mark.

SC's defense will definitely be improved in 2006. They have some interesting games in the front end of the schedule so they will be tested early.  BTW he has our friends from across town ranked 5th. Go figure.

Arkansas has picked junior QB Robert Johnson as their starting QB for their season opener against SC. ESPN has the story here.

Johnson gets the call. has their fan gallery of USC. Check it out! HT: TrojanWire

Here's a taste! Photo Courtesy of

Boi form Troy has his reasons for picking Notre Dame #1 in his pre-season BlogPoll. I'm sorry but I disagree, their defense still has some work to do.

The Daily Breeze has an article on LB Brian Cushing. He's chomping at the bit, as we all are, for the season to start.

Brian Cushing