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BlogPoll week 1 Released

Hooray!! The first BlogPoll has been released. It's comprised of some 90 voters each representing their respective school. This is my first year participating. You can see the voter breakdown here.

A quick look of the top 5 has it this way:

#1 Ohio State (20 votes)
#2 Texas (11 votes)
#3 Auburn (9 votes)
#4 USC (5 votes)
#5 Notre Dame (8 votes)

The complete poll can be seen here. USC #4, Cal #10 and Oregon #21 are the only Pac-10 teams listed in week 1.

There are a couple of funny notes to the first poll:

1. Cal got a first place vote form a Texas A&M Blogger, here's his reasoning.

California - Cal returns a plethora of talent on offense and the defense should be the best in the Pac-10. This pick is a wild guess, and I'm hesitant to pick a Pac-10 first overall, but the chief weakness on offense appears to be at QB, a position that Jeff Tedford seems to be able to coach pretty well. Ask me again who the best team is after about four games.

OK, well we're all entitled to our opinions.

2. The guys at EDSBS  were particularly hard on UF proving once again that Gators eat their own. They earned the Straight Bangin' Award.

Straight Bangin' Award for reducing expectations to reduce future pain goes to EDSBS for their reservations about Florida's offensive line and Chris Leak's tendency to squeal and duck when faced with incoming defensive linemen.

Oh the Pain!

3. Fellow SBN Blogger Rakes of Mallow has potentially put themselves in a bad spot with other ND bloggers for their ranking of ND.

Fellow SBNation newbie but poll veteran Rakes of Mallow is hereby placed on NDNation probation with a special view to the enemies list for doubting in Weis. #7? He's a witch!

Hang on guys its about to rain!

Brian's full review can be found here soon.