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The Conquest Chronicles BlogPoll explained

With the first BlogPoll released today I realized that I didn't give an explanation of my rankings, so here they are.

1. Texas- The Champs get to stay #1 until knocked off, its that simple.

2. USC- Yes, they lost a ton of talent but Pete Carroll will have this team ready to play.

3. Auburn- My sleeper team this year they have the talent can Tommy put it together.

4. Ohio State- The loss of talent on the defense will hurt. Will offense be able to step up?

5. Florida- Meyer has recruited well. His second year will produce results, But that schedule...

6. LSU- A ton of talent. Can Miles get this team to play?

7. Iowa- Ferentz didn't produce what was expected last year but this could be his year.

8. Cal- This is their best chance to dethrone SC but will the defense hold up?

9. West Virginia- Their win in the Sugar was an eye opener for some and they're in the Big East can they get by Louisville?

Will he keep the motor running?

10. Notre Dame- The offense will produce but will the defense hold 'em. They need to win the big games to make me a believer.

11. Georgia- They have to win the east, but will the schedule play their way? Auburn and Georgia in the SEC Championship Game?

12. Louisville- Petrino has made his money but now he has to produce the wins that go with it.

Time to earn that paycheck!

13. Michigan- Lloyd needs to beat tOSU, Period!

14. Florida State- They can win the ACC with all that talent, but does Bowden still have the touch?

15. Miami- Coker is on the hot seat. Suspending four player for the opener does not help his chances for a cooler perch.

16. Oregon- Can Bellotti make a run this year? He has set himself up for it.

Now is the time.

17. Penn State- They had a great year last year was it fluke or does JoPa still have the touch.

18. Clemson- Will they finanlly get it together or will they underachieve again.

19. Tennessee- Can last years nightmare season be put in the past. They have the talent to do so.

Things can only get better, but will they?

20. UCLA- KD needs "9 wins and beat SC" if he expects to keep his job.

21. Alabama- I was fun watching them last year but they are a little young this year.

22. Navy- Strong running game. My sentimental pick

23. Oklahoma- Bomar out and Thompson in. What do you think?

24. Arizona State- A great offense, but they allowed a ton of points last year.

25. Michigan State- We'll see how it goes.