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The Tuesday Link Up

Now that things have settled down in our house, Mom and Dad have headed home from the weekend's festivities. I finally have time to catch up with some of the other sites that I like to frequent.

  • Nico over at Roll `Bama Roll has an excellent post depicting the SEC West with some of the worlds most famous artwork. It's a pretty creative piece and Nico continues to impress!
  • Peter over at BON regales us with his interesting move from D.C. to Austin. There is a lesson to be learned here, get your car serviced before you go on a long trip. Welcome home Peter!
  • The Wiz is all over the NCAA's policy of home game attendance. Anything to fudge the numbers I guess.
  • The MZone has the scoop on Auburn Universities probe to some of their recently publicized academic issues. It seems that the university, through an internal investigation, has cleared themselves of any wrongdoing in their offering "independent study" classes for athletes. Hmmm, I can't imagine why they didn't find anything wrong with this arrangement.
  • For those who haven't been there before go check out Cool Hands Crib, a funny Alabama blogger who always makes me chuckle. Especially his impression of the Abu Ghraib situation, I mean the Alabama coaching roster.
More tomorrow. Enjoy your evening.