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The Tuesday Evening News

ESPN's Len Pasquarelli and Ivan Maisel square off in a debate of which is better College football or the NFL. Pasquarelli gets in his gratuitous shot at Pete Carroll, but that's par for the course. I am obviously biased towards the college game. While I am a fan of neither columnist its an ok read.

Dwayne Jarrett and Thomas Herring had a little mishap with the LAPD this morning. You can read the details here.  It is me is there like a black cloud or something following Jarrett?

CFN has USC ranked #1 in their">Three Year Program Analysis. They use some interesting "stats" to define their scores. It's fun but incomplete. I'm no fan of Notre Dame but they don't qualify for this analysis because they are not a part of a conference.

Sports Illustrated has released their top 20 Scouting Reports for 2006. The have USC at #5. Hat Tip: Student Body Right.

There is an interesting article in Northwest Arkansas Morning News about USC verbal commit and Arkansas native Broderick Green. Man, that will not be a comfortable feeling for him on Sept. 2nd. I wish him luck

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