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Boredom at the LA Times

What's up with the LA Times with this off-the-wall piece by Bill Dwyer on USC freshman QB Mark Sanchez? What, nothing else to write about? The Dodgers are playing great so why not write about them. They really are losing it over there. Plaschke is no better. I liked Adande when he was at the Washington Post, but now even he's a little stale.

Mr. Happy? photo courtesy of LA Times

Now, I've been tough on Sanchez for that little incident of his in April. So I ask what's the point of the article? That student-athletes aren't as savvy as those of us with real world experience? Or, that student-athletes need to trained better by university officials in handling the media?

The fact is, that regardless of the institution college kids do stupid things. I am not giving a pass to Sanchez for his actions, but I sure wouldn't have let him talk to Dwyer with out preparing him for what may come up in the interview. I'm not really sure what the point of the interview was but it was obviously not meant to be flattering.

His comments on UCLA's Jason Medlock weren't any more flattering. This is why the MSM is continuing to lose credibility. And they want to know why readership is down.