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Thursday Evening News and Notes

  • The OC register is reporting that Freshman WR Vidal Hazelton has been cleared to play by the NCAA. This leaves only Jamere Holland as the only player yet to be cleared by the NCAA clearinghouse. Holland is out for the year with a shoulder injury and will have surgery next week. HT: TrojanWire
  • There is an interesting Photo Gallery on about the CFB's Greatest Freshman.  Mike Williams is at #7. Kyle is sure to be happy with #1.
  • The Wiz has a great post on the growing rift between the South Bend Tribune and Head Coach Charlie Weis in regards to his recruiting practices. Coach Weis is definitely a disciple of Bill Belichick with his controlling ways.
  • The Always Funny EDSBS has asked the question who's The Biggest Loser?. It is a long thread that asks us to keep it real in naming the Bad Boys of our respective programs.
  • I will have my final version for the BlogPoll up on Sunday evening.

There will be light blogging until Sunday evening. Emma will be baptised over the weekend and there is a lot of family and friends coming in for the event so free time will be at a premium. Talk to you then.

Enjoy your Weekend!