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Reggie Bush to sign with Saints

Reggie Bush agreed to a six year deal that could be worth as much as 60 million with about 26 million guaranteed. Once signed, the deal would pay him more than No. 1 pick Mario Williams and No. 3 pick Vince Young, as reported by the LA Times.

As I noted here. I was not impressed with all the hype that Reggie would sit out all year.  This sort of posturing is the norm in NFL contract negotiations. Reggie's investment in the New Orleans community guaranteed that he would sign this year. His presence will help bring a city together with something to cheer for after the devastating affects of Hurricane Katrina.

This also puts to bed the notion that the Houston Texans passed on Bush because of the potential of a hold out. They now have a double dose of egg on their face.  By passing on both Bush and native son Vince Young for #1 pick Mario Williams the Texans have shown their lack of commitment to field a winning team.

There is no doubt that Reggie will be an impact player for both the Saints and the NFL. We wish him luck.

Congratulations Reggie!