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Sunday Night around the Blogosphere

Now that I'm back from Chicago, I have finally had the time to check around the other sites to see what's been written up during the past few days.

I want this guy to get a black eye over thanksgiving!

  • Nico over at Roll Bama Roll continues his Rummaging the Vault with a look at Alabama players and the NFL Draft.  Nico does some great research.
  • Dawg Sports and the Georgia Sports Blog have a nice back and forth on whom to root for in Georgia Tech/Notre Dame Game. Sorry Kyle, I will NEVER root for ND.

Lets Go Tech!!

  • Finally, last weeks Pac-10 Media Day offered up a number of posts on the outlook for the Pac-10 in 2006. Links can be found here, here and here.

On a side note, I don't travel much due to the nature of my business but I was absolutely appalled at having to sit on the tarmac at Newark Liberty Airport for 5 hours because of the weather in both Chicago and NYC last Thursday. The state of air travel in the US is at an all time low.  If they had pulled back to the gate I would have grabbed my overnight bag and left the plane to go home. Screw the meeting. We almost got stuck coming back to NYC.

The only good thing about was being able to catch up on my reading of the 4 CFB magazines that I brought to prepare for the upcoming season. Thank God that's over.