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Wednesday Night Quick Hits

I am off to the Windy City tomorrow afternoon for a meeting, returning late Friday night. I will have limited access to the site for quality posting.

This will get you caught up-

  • ESPN Nation has an interesting poll up on the Greatest CFB upsets of all time. I'm a little surprised that this year's title game wasn't on the list. With all the hype that it produced prior to the game and exciting outcome. The 4-letter network could have made a little more hay with it.

    With all the Hype how was this game not an upset?

  • Scott Wolf has a story on his Blog about the value of Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush's Autographs. I'll give `em this, they sure know how to make a buck! I wonder if their autographs will show up here?

     if he's not busy enough...

 I'll be back over the weekend!