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Tuesday Night Quick Hits

I just found this over at Blue Gray Sky, it is from last Friday.  They have compiled a preview of the upcoming RB's they will face this year.  It's pretty good research. And they did a pretty good write up on the SC RB's. They also did the same earlier in the month for the QB's. Good Stuff.

Chauncey has a lot to prove...

Media day abounds and Peter over at BON has part one of the Big 12- the QB's. Tomahawk Nation has the round up for the ACC.  The SEC's media day is on Wednesday. The Pac-10's media day is on Thursday.

Kyle over at Dawg Sports has Georgia's first game preview up; they're playing Western Kentucky. I plan to start doing my previews in the next week or so.

Now that Orson is back from a much-deserved vacation. The boys have a preliminary look of the games for week 3 of the upcoming season. As always funny stuff.

Orson- AFTER his vacation. Ready to dish it out!