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ASU going to the Fiesta????

In what could only be describe as a weird sense of delusions of grandeur or an even more interesting case of mental hopscotch. ASU has laid down the gauntlet and has thrown their hat into the ring as being in the mix for the NC game (Big HT to the Wiz via Hog, Hills, SEC).

Now, I am all for motivating the troops but ASU has about as much chance at winning the NC game as the Arizona Cardinals have at winning the Super Bowl.  Maybe ASU borrowed the Cardinals advertising campaign courtesy of Bill Bidwell. Or maybe they think that Matt Leinart and Edgerrin James can come play in their off time.

The last time ASU felt this confident this guy was the QB (image form The

No matter what their reasoning, this attempt to be a part of the big boy club has given some a reason to scratch their heads. Even if they win the Pac-10, and that's not happening, they would still have to contend with teams like Auburn in order to go 13 and 0. Any savvy CFB fan will see it as a ham handed attempt to garner some attention away from teams like USC, Cal and even UCLA. I don't even think they get past their instate rival Arizona. Anyway I give them credit for trying.