Not Buying it

Before anyone gets their panties in a knot. There is a story on stating that Reggie Bush may sit out the whole season due to contract negotiations that are in a stall.

I can here all the nay sayers now, saying how selfish Reggie and his handlers are. This is business pure and simple. Don't let a hurricane ravaged city get in the way of clear thinking on the subject.

Who knows what the real story is. Most contract negotiations are all about gamesmanship so this could just be posturing.

The city of New Orleans needs Bush in camp no question. but the way things run down in the big easy I wouldn't be surprised if some Saints official is putting this out to grab some sympathy for the city of New Orleans inorder to put pressure on the Bush camp.

We were all devastated by the catastrophe which was Hurricane Katrina, but don't be surprised if the Saints are trying to use it as leverage against Bush in order to get him signed. If he doesn't then they will call him a greedy ball player holding a city, ravaged by a natural disaster, hostage.

If he signs for less, then it hurts other players chances for big money by caving in. The NFL couldn't care less about their players once they are signed so the players need to grab as much as they can in this era of unguaranteed contracts.

I will sit on the sidelines and wait this one out before I formulate any opinion on the matter.

It will be fun to watch!!

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