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Brother Where You Bound: Karl Dorrell get an Extension

Last week UCLA extended the contract of Karl Dorrell for 5 years. Now, of course, the SC message boards are already lit up saying that SC will have 5 more years of wins against the Bruins.

For Dorrell the future is now...

Not so fast. While it is a five-year extension UCLA can let him go at any time if they are not happy with his production on the field. His 10 win season last year may have been a mirage to some but it was still 10 wins as Brian Dohn points out in his interview with BN. KD's hiring of new DC, former Redskins Assistant, DeWayne Walker brings a pro style mind set to the Bruins. This obviously was the weak side of the ball last year. So his hiring should give the UCLA defense a shot in the arm.

The Bruin faithful will not be happy unless Dorrell gets 9 wins and beats SC. While I have not looked at the Bruin schedule or roster closely, at first glance, I don't see that result-taking place. The gap may have closed a little bit with a better Bruin defense and a newer, untested, SC offense, but I don't see a difference in the outcome of this year's game.

As we get closer to the big game I look forward to the possibility of a cross posting dialogue with Nestor and/or Menelaus at Bruins Nation to break down the upcoming game.

Last years 66-19 drubbing at the Coliseum will not be repeated at the Rose Bowl this year. That game will be closer than everyone thinks but I think that SC will win.

Will this happen again?

With the impressive showing of Coach Howland and the Bruin hoops program this year UCLA has got a taste of being back on top and they will expect nothing less than a positive performance from Dorrell and the football program. On a side note, in a recent conversation with a friend of mine, he noted that the Dorrell extension was probably to even things out with Howland's extension. I don't know how true that impression is but it would not surprise me if the Dorrell extension were rewarded for the sake of peace. But that's just one person's opinion.

SC has a lot of battles ahead before they take on the Bruins at the Rose Bowl. But how they do in the preceding games will set the tone in this year's chapter for the Battle of Los Angeles.